Kras - Elementary as the stones that gave it its name. A land of passion. Bright with sunshine, whipped by burja winds, coddled, loved by all of us who live here. Only those can grow roots here who can exchange the early sense of charm - for unconditional love. And only to those the Kras fully opens its heart. It speaks to them with tenderness of forms, intoxication of fragrances, harmony of colors and flavors. With the goodness of nature's fruits and products of man's work. Juniper-berry, reseljika, zepek, honey, cheese, prosciuto - and in wine. Above all - the Teran. Mysterious, like the Kras itself. Special and unique. The offspring of the small plots of soil glowing red among the white rocks. Its godparents are the sea breeze and the wind from the mountains whipping the vineyards. One can only guide the vines toward the good growth, and share the joy of maturing grapes. And then, to keep watch over the transformation of the "must" (most) into wine.

Taking care that the quality is maintained all the way from the vineyard to the bottling step. A thousand of small steps, appearing to be self-understanding come together in the glass of wine, for us to say cheers - from the bottom of our hearts.